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News from Egypt

From D****, a good friend of mine living in Cairo. Judge yourselves.

Dear ALL,
Thnx to all of you concerned! Me and my family are all fine. except for the extreme exhaustion, psychological stress and anger, we are all fine. My sister is the one who goes to demonstrations in Tahrir square all the time. I don't go, because I lose my temper already in gas stations when some jack ass says "and did these young protesters ask any of us if we want these demos, now look at the chaos they made"...I swore at him, my parents holding me back in the car and then from inside the car showed him the finger. I donated blood and stay on phones all day long and cook and help at home waiting for the demonstrators, my sis and some of her friends who also from time to time stay in our house to come back.

This is not the end and he has to leave. Is a president who let 6000 prisoners out of prison looking for any peace in this country???? NO!!! but he is smart, he is one of the smartest jack asses on earth, he caused anarchy, scared the shit out of all families and everybody who did not go out in the street and reached the stage that so many people are now saying "No, but look we need to tolerate him until the next elections and he will not candidate himself, but at least he will restore order and we were safe in our houses when he was there"

RIGHT!!!! and that is exactly what he wanted to reach. Is a president who send his party out to the streets RIGHT NOW calling for Mubarak to candidate himself for a 6th presidency period, looking for any peace, or democracy?? How can 6000 prisoners "ESCAPE""""" at the same time, same night, same moment, if nobody did INTENTIONALLY let them out???????????

he caused anarchy, fear among citizens and everybody, we collect water in our bath tubs, buy food to keep us going for a few weeks and things in supermarkets are from 1LE to 4 LE now. BUT, he succeeded in reaching a point where all want him back, because at least we felt safe in our homes and did not have our sons, neighbors, cousins and male friends out in the street with iron sticks, self defense and electric shockers to protect our properties and lives.

Problem is that none of the oppositional leaders is taking any clear stand point to that, those young people protesting now need a leader to look up to, but opposition are very slow in their statements and responses, they r losing credibility. Except for the Muslim Brotherhood , which is another problem and nobody really wants them either, but they r the only ones against the current "still" regime now, who are taking a clear stand to things now.

How it really all started was that these facebook Youth , how they are referred to now, have been mobilizing themselves for years on facebook, but were not taken serious, or were tortured, arrested and interrogated, they are the ones who started the movements on the 25th and the 28th of January, which escalated to what it is now. It escalated ,because these facebook youth belong to the well-off classes in Egypt; the intellectuals. When THESE WERE THERE, THEY BROKE THE FEAR OF THE MILLIONS WHO HAVE BEEN OPPRESSED, LIVING UNDER EXTREME POVERTY AND CONDITIONS!!!! AND THESE ARE THE ONES WHO CANNOT BE STOPPED NOW!!

many of them already lost family members in the past few days and they are willing to shed more blood and sacrifice more lives if he does not step down. It is now a bottom-up movement and this is what's makes it dangerous, these people would lose all , but not live int he same Egypt under the same regime again and even me, as somebody who practically speaking did not suffer much under this regime, I DO BELIEVE HE JUST HAS TO LEAVE, OR DIE HERE, BUT WE DO NOT TRUST HIM ANYMORE, WHY WOULD HE CHANGE OVER NIGHT AND BRINGING THE MINISTERS HE KEPT FOR HIS SON'S REGIME NOW, IS NOT A SOLUTION!!!!!!!

I and many others do not know what to think anymore, we know if he just leaves it will be chaos and we know if he stays, he will become worth than before, but we do not trust him, nor his nice words "WORDS AND SPEAKING IS WHAT EGYPTIANS HAVE BEEN PERFECT AT FOR AGES" , but people are aware fo that now and do not listen without questioning. still we have millions out in the streets who never had adequate education and do not understand the problem of not having a respected leader to look up to now. we wait for the opposition, but hope it will not be the Muslim Brotherhood.

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