lunes, abril 09, 2007

Exaltation of the sombrero vueltiao

"Sombrero Vueltiao (spanish for twisted hat) is a traditional hat from Colombia and one of its symbols. It is made out of Gynerium sagittatum known locally as Caña Flecha a type of cane grown in the region. The word vueltiao is a Spanish regional slang from the northern Caribbean Region and its area surrounding the Magdalena river basin meaning twisted in English and was given due to the way the hat is made; beginning from the top twisting and sewing in a vortex manner. The quality of the hat is determined by the number of "laps" used and its bending flexibility. The more flexible, the better the hat is." (Taken from Wikipedia)

...or 'How can a sombrero vueltiao take over a barbecue party in Leiden'

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mauricio dijo...

yo me quedo con la ruana de lana "virgen" que hacen en Boyaca :D,

Cristian romero dijo...

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